Interview With Elliot Dahl: Justin Amundson, Brian Paulson


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On November 25th, 2019 we will be releasing our podcast we both produced and recorded of our interview with Elliot Dahl. Elliot Dahl is a young and driven business professional who works as a marketing specialist at Border States Electric. In our interview we go into an in-depth look into Elliot’s personal and professional life. This will include discussing an intro on his life growing up in the mid-west and talking about his secondary education as well as the decisions he made during those years of his life. Also, we will go into Elliot’s work background, both while in college and his current career at Border States Electric. We will also converse about the culture and ways in which his workplace functions in day to day business activities, all of this and a handful of other topics will be elaborated on during our interview. This podcast is a great thing to listen to for all marketing, as well as all other business students, looking to enter the professional workforce in the not too distant future. The both of us, and we assume you will as well, took away a lot of great information as well as advice from a young professional that we can really use to apply to our future in searching for, applying for, and starting your future careers. In a nutshell I thoroughly encourage anyone to listen to and subscribe to this class’s channel to learn about Elliot Dahl and many other business professionals.

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