Nicholas Zink and Greg Cramer Scott Bintz Interview


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In this episode we broke down the mind of Scott Bintz and how he came to be where he is today. He goes into depth on the importance of culture, teamwork, and relationships when trying to build a successful business. Scott founded and attributes a lot of his success in life to the rise and build up of that company. After Scott sold RealTruck to Truck Hero he decided to branch off and focus his priorities on different aspects including a book, motor cross racing, and smaller companies.

Our main objective was to understand what set him apart and how his target market was engaged. It was very evident that Scott found his groove after a couple failures. Sales were sky rocketing and he highly attributes the sales to very loyal workers as well as the very strong culture that his company demonstrated. We related well with Scott and found this podcast very beneficial.

Anyone listening to this podcast can benefit from Scott's words of wisdom. Hearing a successful entrepreneur speak about the do's and don'ts and what to focus on when starting a business could potentially save someone a lot of money. This podcast opened our eyes up to the opportunities available after college and helped us understand not to limit ourselves in our professional world.

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