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On today's Consumer Behavior Conversations podcast Blake Menden and Georgia Husting interview their special guest Sadie Rudolph. Sadie is a PR rep and strategist for Flint Group. We discuss her life before her career, her day to day life, and how she has been a huge part of many NDSU benefits. Some key things to listen for is her great advice on how we as college students can set ourselves up for success. She also has a fiery passion for just about everything she does and NDSU. Sadie goes into depth on how NDSU has changed her life and how she wants to do the same thing for the students of today. Sadie was recognized for an award that she was stunned she got nominated for. We also got to really understand what her job entails and how we can use her experiences in our lives. In this episode Blake and Georgia have a wonderful time talking with a business professional and learning from. Listen in to hear the details and do not forget to hit that subscribe button.

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