The Joy of Plant-based SOS-free Cooking with Chef Ramses Bravo


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Chef Ramses Bravo is the head chef at True North Health Center. He’s been making plant based food without added sugar, salt, or oil for 15 years, and he actually makes this way of eating taste good.

I’ve spent time in his Ramses Bravo’s kitchen, eaten his delicious food and taken his online classes. Ramses, has a dry sense of humor, a huge heart, and he is really good at what he does. We talk about his journey to cooking this way, how you can get started, some of his favorite recipes, and how this way of eating has benefitted him personally. Ramses also shares what he does when he goes to restaurants at friends and family members houses who don’t eat the same way he does. His answer is refreshing and might surprise you. At the end, I share some of my own favorite plant bases SOS free recipes that help me maximize my own health and vitamin joy.


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