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Jessie Salas is a former firefighter and a Coach who is also the Program Director for Foundation Training , a program which uses simple corrective exercise to help people move free and easily without pain.

Jessie regularly works with people like you and I but also big wave professional surfers, professional athletes, active and retired military firemen, stuntmen, and celebrities like Josh Brolin, Madonna, and so many more using Foundation Training to help them be pain free, and to maximize their potential

Jessie travels all over to work with clients and people of all types to teach them Foundation Training and is constantly self-experimenting with different remedies and modalities to get the most out of life. We talk about what Foundation Training is, how you can use it at home, plus other things Jessie uses to get more vitamin Joy out of life including breath work, cold, grounding, different forms of movement, nutrition and more. Enjoy!


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