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Today’s guest doesn’t drink caffeine. Caroline MacDougall is the founder, creator and CEO of Teeccino® an herbal tea company that makes coffee alternative beverages all with herbal products and adaptogenic herbs. She’s also designed numerous award-winning herbal beverages for top tea and natural products companies you have likely heard of including: The Republic of Tea, Yogi Tea Company, and more. She began her journey studying, growing, importing, blending and selling herbs in the 1970s, traveling around the world, to wilderness areas and remote villages, all to find herbs and teas. It’s lead her to a successful career that’s brought herself and a lot of others a lot of health and a lot of joy. Caroline shares her case for why caffeine is something we can all give up for at least a few months, the power of herbs and adaptogenics, and her journey of following her passion that’s lead to a fulfilling and joyful career. If you are a tea lover or are curious about giving up caffeine, keep listening.

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Juilette de Bairacli Levy


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