Humor, Even in Emergencies with Dr. Candice “Dr. Bikini” Myhre


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Emergency Room Doctor Candice Myhre saves lives in emergency situations every single day. For her job, she has to flexible and fast – going from patients who are literally dying to dealing with things like an ear infection in the next room. Humor eases the transition. It also lets her connect with her patients better, getting critical diagnoses, and easing her patients’ pain and fears more easily in emergencies --where every second matters.

Recently, Canadice went viral on social media. After reading a study in a well-respected medical journal written by vascular surgeons that criticized women doctors for wearing bikinis on social media calling them more “unprofessional,” Candice spoke out about sexism in medicine. Her post went viral and she followed up by using humor to talk about a difficult subject.

On today’s show I ask Candice how humor brings her not only Vitamin Joy for herself, but how humor helps her in medicine, how it helps her patients, her coworkers and even how it helps make people healthier. We also talk a little about her newfound social media fame, how humor helps her as a parent, and on how humor can help us in our own lives, even in emergencies, even when things feel heavy, even in the year 2020.


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