DR2021: Michelle Pickrell & Ruth Ellison


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On the latest episode Steve is joined by Ruth Ellison and Michelle Pickrell to chat about their upcoming presentation 'A Framework for Creating Actionable Insights'. Catch the presentation at Design Research 2021, tickets are available now https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/design-research-2021-tickets-123110359399 Ruth Ellison is an experienced user researcher and design leader who helps organisations gain a deeper understanding of their users and to make better evidence-based decisions. She cares deeply about building happy and creative teams. With over 18 years of design experience in both the public and private sectors, she loves working on complex problems and making meaningful work. Michelle is a User Experience Designer with a degree in Industrial Design. She is passionate about designing for empowerment with a particular focus on services and systems which give people a greater quality of life. Michelle has worked in the UX industry since 2012 and has enjoyed problem-solving with a range of government and private organisations. She has also recently finished her PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. Her PhD is focused on the design of interactive rehabilitation equipment which delivers feedback to stroke patients while they are undergoing rehabilitation.

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