DR2021: Katrina Ryl & Roland Wimbush


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Presenting "Get your hands dirty: Gaining the trust of hard to reach users" at Design Research 2021, Orica's Katrina Ryl and Roland Wimbush join the UX Australia podcast to chat their experiences working with the mining and construction industry. Tickets to the virtual conference are available now https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/design-research-2021-tickets-123110359399 Katrina comes from a traditional graphic design background. Throughout her education and into her career she has always had an interest in the digital world. It wasn’t until further into her career that she truly started to get a taste for the importance of designing digital spaces with the user in mind. With over 18 years’ experience in many areas of the design industry, including graphic design, publishing, website design, UX design, UX research, advertising, social media strategies and video production, she has worked with many clients from small business start-ups to large corporations in Australia and around the world. Roland Wimbush is a UX Design Lead at Orica as well as being an Industry Speaker and Mentor at AcademyXi. Following his passion for skiing and surfing he based himself between the Alps and the west coast of France for over 15 years where he blissfully designed technical equipment for leading international sports brands. He transitioned into the digital space following a move back to Australia with his young family. He now applies his design and research skills to humanising technology, designing products and services that improve challenging situations and creating and building meaningful start-ups.

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