How To Start A Thriving Business From Home While Raising A Family


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Ever wanted to start your own business from home but have wondered how on earth you'd be able to do that while raising young children?
Today's UNLOCKED guest Renee Harris chats with your host Tracy Wilson about how she turned her own skin problems into a multiple 6 figure business from home while home-schooling 9 children...
So, if you have an idea, and want to start with something simple from home, then today's episode will provide you with the steps you need to take to get started.
🗝Key Points in This Episode
06:18 3 simple ingredients to make your own lotions
13:02 Steps to transition from in person selling to online
14:04 How are we going to stand out
14:25 Focus on the problem / solution
15:51 Lessons learned from the Farmer's Market
16:27 Build a mailing list / SMS list to update your customers
17:34 Take customer before and after photos to highlight on the website
25:55 How to manage a large family and a start-up simultaneously
39:25 People underestimate what they already know or can do ~ Renee Harris

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