How to Use Communication to Generate More Sales


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How good are your communication skills?

How well you communicate can either help you succeed in business and in life or contribute to your struggle. When you understand and learn the simple strategies and techniques of effective communication you can use this skill to help you generate more sales, business and even become of of the top 1% of communicators in your industry.

🎙 Key Points

7:37 Fear is not the biggest challenge of communication. The biggest challenge is motivation.
10:58 How would your life change if you were an exceptional communicator?
16:10 The Cure to Fear is Momentum
18:05 Write a question a day for a year to overcome all objections
21:44 Random word exercise
24:10 Birthday video messages to all clients
27:30 You don't need to be famous to the world. You're already famous to your clients
32:11 The best way to speak is to speak! ~ Brenden Kumarasamy
39:08 Writing a presentation? Use the Puzzle method

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