#17: Mark and Bethany Douglas Part I—Building a Family’s Future Using V-REEL


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While the V of V-REEL stands for Value, after visiting with Mark and Bethany Douglas, I’m thinking of another v word: versatility. The way Mark and Bethany are applying V-REEL is very versatile and, honestly, they surprised me. Mark and Bethany are both entrepreneurs and have used the V-REEL framework in their businesses for a while now. Mark’s business, Fidelis Creative Agency, helps businesses look, sound, and perform better. They handle digital services, websites, media, and are expanding into digital marketing. Bethany’s business, Cloistered Away, is a lifestyle blog that is focused on simple, purposeful family living where she writes about keeping a simple lifestyle, recipes, resources for homeschoolers, and offers encouragement for parents.
But here’s the surprising part: Mark and Bethany shared V-REEL with their kids last year while driving around in their suburban on vacation. Now they’re using it together as a family to implement their strategic thinking at home. Listen in to Part I of my conversation with Mark and Bethany for some really strategic thinking and inventive application of the V-REEL framework.

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