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Every editor says to read their publication before pitching. When I coach writers, we put this research step first—get to know their stories, angles, and readers, before developing a story idea.

Some writers prefer to avoid this essential step because they associate it with overwhelm. Many writers find researching publications online in particular to be a rabbit hole that’s dark and unending. One of my coaching clients felt swamped when trying to evalute the New York Times online. Not too surprising when you consider their archives date back to the 1800s.

Let’s look at how constraint and intention can help with decision making, focus, and a better understanding of who you’re writing for.


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Break into your dream publications and get paid well while covering stories that matter. Alumni of my small group coaching program, Freelance Writer Bootcamp, have used these proven pitching processes to break into the New York Times, the Guardian, Bustle, Fodor’s, Condé Nast Traveler, Al Jazeera, the BBC, and many more.

We cover all the external skills to improve your pitch acceptance rate, and the internal mindset work to keep you from getting in your own way.

Writers on the waitlist will be the first to hear when Bootcamp applications open up for early bird enrollment in the next session.

Click here to join the Freelance Writer Bootcamp waitlist: www.FreelanceWriterBootcamp.com

More info and complete show notes: www.rebeccalweber.com/podcast135

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