Level Up Your Workplace Communication | Special Announcement


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You’re invited to Level Up!

On October 5th, 2021, we’re holding a free, four-hour digital event to help you improve your workplace communications.

This explosive interactive event will guide you through evolving your video communication skills, no matter your level. Whether you’re an experienced video communicator or starting from zero, we want you there!

Hosted by the incredible Dave Patton, TechSmith Partnership Marketing Specialist, Level Up is packed with presentations from brilliant TechSmith experts, including:

  • Effective Communication with a Hybrid Workforce: Lessons Learned from a Year of Remote Work with Wendy Hamilton, TechSmith CEO
  • 5 Broken Communications and How to Fix Them with Video and Images with Daniel Foster, Snagit Strategy Manager, and Alison Boatman, Digital Marketer
  • 9 Types of Videos You Can Make Today…From Your Desk with Andy Owen, Video Production Specialist, Lead
  • Using the Right Video or Image for the Right Task with Matt Pierce, Learning and Video Ambassador

Join the early session at 6:00 a.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. GMT or the later session at 12:00 a.m EDT / 09:00 a.m PDT live on Tuesday October 5th 2021.

Sign up here to get your invite to the live event, access to the recordings, and learn how to level up your video communication skills! https://www.techsmith.com/levelup

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