The Rider with Becko and Kav Temperley


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Kav Temperley is working on his 2nd solo album, "Machines of Love and Grace" and after hearing the title track - you know he is carrying on from where he left off with Eskimo Joe. The song is a straight-up Eskis track and you'll find out in this interview that it almost was.

The song was workshopped during covid and as Kav explains, it is heavily influenced by the attachment we all have to our phones and the voyeuristic nature of social media.

Kav tackles the pressures of writing an album but also the benefits of not having record company pressures and being truly independent.

We also hear about his new projects with NFTs and how Eskimo Joe was always ahead of the curve with fundraising for a new album (remember when they crowd funded in 2013??)

Kav's new album includes the talents of John Butler and Katy Steele, so there is a lot to look forward to from the Perth music "mafia".

This is The Rider with Becko, and Kav Temperley

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