The Rider with Becko and Chuck from Simple Plan


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Simple Plan are back with their 6th album and it couldn't come at a better time. The usual Covid dilemmas pushed back the release to 2022, since bands couldn't tour or promote their new music and as Chuck says, it didn't really feel appropriate to release and celebrate a new release while people were going through such tough times.

We all grew up with Simple Plan as the sound track for many life experiences and Chuck will explain why that doesn't change as the band enter their 40s.

In this episode of The Rider you'll find out why Simple Plan have always been conservative with their rider expectations and also how they managed to get signed to a major label when they hadn't even done any big concerts - the story is amazing.

Check out their album, "Hard Than it Looks" - it's out now.

This is Chuck from Simple Plan, on The Rider with Becko

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