Episode 114 - UKGE 2022 Part 1 - Crescent Moon, Akropolis, Pocket Detective, and Bretwalda


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We're back from a rather excellent UK Games Expo 2022 and we saw so many games that we've recorded two episodes packed to the rafters with board games, RPGs and shiny miniatures. Here is Part 1, where we chat about Korean fried chicken, getting old, and of course, lots and lots of games!

Games Mentioned

00:15:57 Crescent Moon 00:24:26 Autobahn 00:27:54 Terracotta Army & Power Core: Call of Cthulhu 00:32:59 Akropolis 00:41:44 Rise & Fall 00:46:17 Bretwalda 00:53:17 Pocket Detective: Season 1 01:00:38 The Detective Society 01:06:20 Amulet of Thrayax 01:13:21 Starship Captains

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