Episode 113 - UK Games Expo 2022 Preview


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The UK Games Expo is just around the corner, so the boys from PHC take a look at the publishers, events, and most importantly games that are going to be at the show.


Games Mentioned

00:08:21 Waggledance and Termite Towers 00:10:47 Honeybadger Games 00:15:13 Lucky Duck games, Sherlock Detective and Pocket Detective 00:19:02 Amelia’s Secret 00:19:45 Dice Theme Park 00:26:30 Turing 00:28:45 Flick Fleet 00:30:55 Syrinscape 00:36:35 Dinner in Paris: Battle of the Chefs 00:42:43 Board and Dice - Founders of Teotihuacan and Terracotta Army 00:46:55 Moon 00:51:22 Wardens of Wulvengrad 00:53:40 Free League Ruins of Symbaroum 00:57:02 Dune Adventures in the Imperium Agents of Dune 00:59:40 Batman: Everybody Lies and Gutenburg 01:03:05 Bretwalda 01:05:19 Burncycle 01:09:20 Oltréé 01:01:06 Crescent Moon 01:12:00 Cerberus Studios

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