Adam Shares Some Heartwarming Stories About His Conversations With His Mother . . . Jeff and Adam Talk About "Super Bubbles" In the Economy . . . Adam Revisits His Benevolent Dictator Platform . . . The Tastiness of a Hamburger in the Metaverse


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Adam begins by recounting several telephone conversations with his mother in which he tried to determine if the "buzzing sound" in the background was a power tool or a battery-powered relaxation device. Adam also recalls a couple of instances in which he managed quite by accident to embarrass his daughter. Jeff and Adam marvel at the infinite memory of most women which enables events from the distant past (or events that did not even occur at all) to be retrieved instantly so that they can be used as needed in any argument at any time. Adam and Jeff talk about the economist Jeremy Grantham's prediction that the economy is being buoyed by three "super-bubbles" in the stock, bond and real estate markets and that this "false prosperity" will not end well. Jeff wonders why Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter, a company that makes nothing except digital hyperventilations. Instead why not buy a company that builds real things such as Caterpillar so that you have something left over for the creditors to grab if things go bad. Both Adam and Jeff bemoan the loss of skilled craftsmen and, indeed, the growing irrelevance of all things tangible even though Jeff points out that you will still be hungry if you eat a hamburger in the metaverse.

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