A Visit to the Trump Store . . . A Sad Day for Teen-age Girls at the Kardashian Store in Miami . . . A New Olympic Event: The Luxury Handbag Toss . . . The FBI's Panty Raid on Mar-o-Lago . . . Barron Trump's Laptop Scandal


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Always in search of bargains, Jeff recounts his visit to the Trump Store on Fifth Avenue in New York where you can take care of all of your holiday shopping needs. Adam and Jeff talk about the deeply discounted Trump Pence T-shirts, Trump sportswear, oversized Trump golf balls and MAGA hats actually made in Mexico. Adam brags about his luxurious Trump robe which he may have purchased from a hotel. Adam and Jeff discuss the enormous marketing possibilities that would be available by adding the luxury handbag throw as an Olympic event with numerous sponsors such as Gucci and Fendi. The FBI raid on Mar-o-Lago appears to Adam to be nothing more than a playful panty raid of Melania's undergarment drawer. Adam and Jeff worry that Barron Trump may be communicating with foreign spies while playing Fortnite on his laptop. The fears of a nuclear strike or even nuclear blackmail by North Dakota is also considered--another subject that has been completely ignored by the legacy media.

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