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A good assistant is simply heaven-sent, a remote assistant moreso. A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. You can make a virtual assistant do almost anything. Jamie Jay, the CEO and Founder of Bottleneck Distance Assistance believes that virtual assistants, or distant assistants, can make your life easier - you have more time to do the things you’re great at while delegating the nitty-gritty tasks.

In this episode of The New Nomad, Jamie joins our hosts, Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in discussing what a blessing a great distant assistant is to business owners.Our three nomads also tackled the things to consider when hiring one especially the cost and the skills as the ways in which a VA can help you and your business are as unique and diverse as the individual VAs are themselves. So if you are thinking of hiring one (or you already have one), this is an episode you don’t ever want to miss.
[5:53] The pandemic's effect on outsourcing remote assistance

[8:11] Delegating tasks so you can lead with kindness

[13:42] The shift from a an office cubicle to working on the go

[17:49] Transactional relationship vs a long-term partnership

[19:28] Thinking differently is essential to advancement

[22:07] Why hiring assistance from other countries is a win-win

Jaime Jay is the founder and CEO of Bottleneck Distant Assistants. Jaime has been sourcing Dedicated Distant Assistants from the Philippines since 2006. His provocative point of view is the foundation for this company – “Is your job getting in the way of you doing your best work?”.

Jaime is the author of 'Quit Repeating Yourself: How Today's Leaders Are Using Systems and Processes to Grow Their Business the Right Way'. This book was written for business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to help generate a sustainable business model and explores the intersections of culture, leadership, systems, processes, recruiting and hiring.

He also enjoys spending time with his wife Sara and their dog Nikita, playing hockey, traveling, boating, playing guitar and country music.
Jaime Jay Links:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaimejay/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BottleneckDA
Website: https://bottleneck.online/
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Instagram: @insurednomads


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