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As technology allows us to become more and more connected with the world digitally, new possibilities for the way that we can live our lives have sprung up. With the internet becoming so much more accessible and comprehensive, safety is just a tap of a finger away. Anthony “TC” Williams, Area Vice President Multinational Benefits & Human Resources Consulting - Great Lakes & Heartland at Gallagher, a digital nomad whose mantra is always be prepared when traveling.

Our hosts, Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, joined by TC discussed the shift in safety as most of us adapt to work-from-anywhere life. They talked about how to enjoy what life has to offer in your travels while keeping yourself safe. They also have given their insights in how to protect yourself and your loved ones whenever you travel. This is truly a knowledge-filled episode that you, as travelers, do not want to miss.
[4:32] Things to consider in traveling

[6:17] We are in the middle of a multi-pandemic

[16:53] There is always a risk in traveling

[19:21] Be prepared wherever you go

[20:59] Keep your loved ones in the know

[26:48] Go out and enjoy the world


Being the Area Vice President Multinational Benefits & Human Resources Consulting - Great Lakes & Heartland of Gallagher, Anthony “TC” Williams is well versed in duty of care and how to keep your employees safe whenever they travel for business and even for leisure. A digital nomad who loves music a lot, particularly rock, is an avid reader and a first time guest in a podcast (which he is ecstatic about).
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