The New Generation of Emergency Management with Kesley Richardson


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As both a practitioner and researcher in emergency management, Kesley Richardson is a looking to be a game changer. Bringing youthful energy and the mind of a multidisplinary scholar to the field, he is ensuring that best practices are not just talked about but integrated. Join us today on this episode of the Multi-Hazards podcast as Kesley Richardson shares his vision, experience and passion for emergency management and protecting communities.

Kesley Richardson’s Bio

Kesley Richardson is a U.S. Virgin Islands Native, scholar, public speaker, researcher, and practitioner in the field of Emergency Management. Currently as a doctorate student in Public Administration at West Chester University and being apart of organizations such as International Association of Emergency Managers(IAEM), Black Emergency Managers Association (BEMA), Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) with the United Nations, and Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA), he hopes to network with likeminded professionals to make actionable change. With his diverse background, Kesley hopes to leverage his awards such as the 2022 Govenors Hurricane Conference of Florida Rising Star and fellowship with the Bill Anderson Fund to support his goal of cultivating a more diverse field of Emergency Management.

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