Innovating Engagement Technology for Community Resilience with Ginny Katz


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To really protect communities, Ginny Katz and her team at HazAdapt Inc. are designing technology that pays attention to communities and truly addresses their needs. Ginny is part of a new wave of entrepreneurs who believe equity and diversity should be at the forefront of innovation and not an afterthought. Join us today on this episode of Multi-Hazards as we hear the wisdom and heartfelt passion of Ginny Katz, at the cutting edge of both technology and community resilience.

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Ginny Katz’ Bio

Ginny Katz, MPH, has a BS Public Health Epidemiology & Disease Control (the University of Texas at San Antonio), MPH Global Health Disaster Systems and Digital Communication (Oregon State University) and is a Geography PhD Student, 2022 (Oregon State University).

While working to become an Emergency Management GIS and digital communications specialist in 2017, Ginny experienced the impact of emergency communications gaps firsthand. Without relevant information and support, so many people were becoming more vulnerable to hazards, most significantly impacting underserved communities. Realizing that emergency managers are lacking the tools needed to facilitate meaningful and equitable mass engagement with their communities, she became a woman on a mission to build the tools that were so needed. In 2018 Ginny turned this problem into P.h.D. research at Oregon State University and in 2019 created a startup, HazAdapt Inc., to build the solutions. Now, Ginny is proud to present the first results of their hard work, HazAdapt, the Humanity-Friendly Hazard Guide and Emergency Assistant. HazAdapt is a free app and web tool built to boost community resilience from the bottom - up.

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