Lessons from 100 Christian Activists


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Episode 100!!!

Our planned worship centred episode will be with you shortly, but in the meantime Abi and Rich share what they have learnt from interviewing over 100 Christian Activists on healthy and sustainable activism.


Natalie Collins, speaker, writer, campaigner, leader on issues of abuse, exploitation and gender.

Natalie's interview is here.

Rev Edwin Arrison

Anti-apartheid campaigner and friend of Desmond Tutu.

Rev Edwin's interview is here.


Ben Lindsay

Author, CEO of “Power the Fight”, Speaker and Activist

Ben's interview is here.

Jo Musker-Sherwood

Founder of one of the UK’s fastest growing climate charities and now Climate.Emergence

Jo''s interview is here.


Rev Dr Sam Wells

Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields and author.

Sam's interview is here.


Jared Hodgeson

Hope at Home co-founder.

Jared's interview is here.

Mariam Tadros

Regional Director, Asia-MENA for International Alert

Mariam's interview is here.

Campaign Successes

If you need encouragement, this episode features 3 amazing campaigners and their sucessful campaigns.

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