Cost of Living Crisis: Taking Anti-Poverty Action in the UK


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We are hearing more about the Cost of Living Crisis every day, but what can churches do now and to prepare for the difficult winter ahead? How do we read the Bible in the context of poverty and how can the church act prophetically?

Natalie Williams from Jubilee Plus is seeing the impact of the cost of living crisis now and gives amazing practical tips for churches to prepare now for the winter ahead.

The TLG training that Natalie mentioned can be found here.

To explore becoming a Jubilee Plus partner church click here. This is a brilliant way to get support, training and expertise on anti-poverty action.

Chris Shannahan Principal Investigator from the Life on the Breadline Project shares his unique and important research into poverty in the UK, and how the church is responding. What is the church doing with its influence and roots, or should we be doing more?

To find out more and sign the Anti-Poverty charter here.

You can invite someone to speak about the charter in your church, and the Life on the Breadline project website has some fantastic resources for churches and small groups.

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