Episode 102 - When the Kin Army conquered Hong Kong


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Why is Tai Po's league title so special? Have Dreams turned into a nightmare? And will we see all of the teams again next year? James Legge and Tobias Zuser discuss Tai Po's historic win of the Hong Kong Premier League, Happy Valley's potential return to the top flight, as well as the latest developments in Group I of the AFC Cup. They also look ahead to the remaining fixtures of the season. The Hong Kong Football Podcast also just launched a crowdfunding drive for the upcoming Season Review print magazine and still needs around 30% to reach the target. Please help us supporting local football! You can find more information here: https://www.fringebacker.com/en/projects/the-hong-kong-football-podcast-season-review-2018-19/ Share your opinions with us at podcast@offside.hk and follow us at www.instagram.com/hong_kong_football_podcast/ DON'T MISS A NEW EPISODE ANY MORE: Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or any other podcast platform by searching for "Hong Kong Football Podcast" in the directory.

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