Interview with HKFA Technical Director Thor Arnason


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Is Iceland really so much different from Hong Kong? What needs to change in the youth development system? And why should pundits stop complaining about artificial pitches? To answer those (and many more) questions, James Legge and Tobias Zuser recently sat down with Thorlakur Arnason. Building on his rich experience in Iceland, he has just joined the HKFA as new Technical Director to help another small place to find big hope. The Hong Kong Football Podcast also just launched a crowdfunding drive for the upcoming Season Review print magazine. Please help us supporting local football! You can find more information here:…eview-2018-19/ Share your opinions with us at and follow us at DON'T MISS A NEW EPISODE ANY MORE: Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or any other podcast platform by searching for "Hong Kong Football Podcast" in the directory.

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