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The ultimate in a fulfilling life in business, could be described as flow.
A topic researched by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi for over 30 years.
A state where you move harmoniously between all aspects of your life. fully present, immersed and focussed on each part of the day.
We don't live in bubbles, nor does every task on the list make our heart sing. Yet as entrepreneurs we need to summon the energy and drive, to get ourselves into a flow state. Or we can never really achieve our biggest dreams.
As you know I talk a lot about being a struggling parent, or balancing a side hustle with a career. I understand when you have a million things on your plate.
When the momentum wains as you feel more and more like the victim.
In this episode we talk through 3 ideas to help you get into flow more often.
To build momentum and grow your lifestyle business with purpose.
1. Self care / rest - how you prime your mind and body to allow you to perform at your best.
2. Your VISION - the clarity, focus and visualisation of your future done.
3. Prioritisation, planning and progress - towards your goals and actions. Rejecting everyone else's priorities.
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