The Devil's Music 27: Miss Guy


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Guy Furrow, aka Miss Guy is a multi-talented rock’n’roll legend: singer for the acclaimed punk/glam band The Toilet Boys, deejay, music producer, songwriter photographer and makeup artist. Born in Southern California, he came of age and hit his creative stride in the New York City rock scene when it was still something to be wildly excited about. He became fast friends and collaborators with his mentors Deborah Harry and Boy George; his duets with both can be heard in this episode. The Toilet Boys toured North America, Europe and Asia with The Ramones, Motorhead, The Damned, Joan Jett, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. As a deejay, he’s spun worldwide, everywhere from Manhattan clubs to high fashion shows and even art museums. Guy’s photography is beyond-especially since so many of his subjects are rock stars and glamorous drag queens. In this episode, Miss Guy and hostess Pleasant Gehman talk about New York City in the 90’s: wild times and the notorious club/party Squeeze Box; his wildest tour stories, spirit communication in dreams. They dish on Angela Bowie, Jayne County and iconic rock photographer Leee Black Childers...and about spooky hookups a la “The Blair Witch Project” in the middle of a forest.

Instagram: @missguynyc Twitter: @TheRealMissGuy


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