The Devil's Music 28: The Wild Women of Backstage Pass


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In the mid-to late 1970’s, during the gray area when Los Angeles was still all about glam rock while embracing the nascent punk scene, a group of groupies became an all-girl band called Backstage Pass. Instantaneously, they took Hollywood by storm, got international press, made a splash wherever they went, stealing -and in some cases breaking-the hearts of musicians who’d go on to be household least in rock’n’roll circles. In this episode, hostess Pleasant Gehman chats with her long time pals from Backstage Pass Genevieve Schor (aka Genny Body) Spock and Marina. The stories are uproarious tales of love, teenage lust, intercontinental trysts, debauchery on The Sunset Strip and LA’s first underground punk club The Masque. The Hot Girl Mayhem stars the likes of The Damned, Elvis Costello, The Screamers, Sex Pistols, Richie Blackmore, Doctor Feelgood, Nick Lowe...and way too many more to mention.

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