Nicoleta Porojanu | The importance of taking responsibility for your own mental health


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Our guest today is Nicoleta Porojanu, Psychologist, Therapist, Educator, and Founder of The Significant You, a mental health charity that provides mental health education and campaigns to raise awareness and promote individual and collective knowledge of mental health in England and Wales.

In Nicoleta's words:

“I struggled in life a lot, probably like you did, and my studies and training did not help much. I remember starting my career feeling completely helpless in my role as a clinical psychologist in a palliative care hospital, working with the dying and their many regrets, unfulfilled dreams, and ruptured relationships left behind.

Time passed and despite my clinical work, personal therapy, and ongoing training in psychotherapy and counselling, I kept busy and I was still trapped in my programmed mind when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in my mid-40s. What saved me was a profound spiritual awakening I had from the bed of an A&E department in a London hospital when I nearly died from a chest infection two months into my chemotherapy treatment”.

Today Nicoleta is going to talk about her career, spiritual awakening, and the importance of taking responsibility for our mental health during our journey to self-realisation.

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