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Our guest today is Mpume Ncube-Daka, who is the Founder & CEO of Change Conversation and corporate-level coach.

But before then that… in Mpume Words:

“I love change. The only thing I love more than change is change conversations, mostly because of what follows in people’s careers when powerful discussions take place. People grow, they succeed, and ultimately, their lives change.

I earned my stripes in the corporate world, experiencing the entire array of career steps from joining as a graduate to rising in the ranks, not getting promotions and being told I wasn’t visible enough. And then rising up again to reach the top of my game at JSE-listed entities as well as multinational businesses.

Today I am a corporate-level coach, and my joy is in growing dreams, inviting innovation, entering the world of entrepreneurship, and creating clear, achievable business strategies.

Let’s have a conversation, preferably one about change".

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