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Are you struggling to reach your full potential? Are you struggling to crack the secret world of marketing? Join Phillip Stutts (Political Marketer, and Author of ‘The Undefeated Marketing System’ and ‘Fire Them Now!’) and Eric Partaker as they discuss some useful tips to change your life forever and help you achieve your full potential!


Customers first, Brand second! - Dive deep into customer data. Find out exactly what they want, what appeals to them, what digital tools they use. Only once you know your customers inside out can you begin to brand your company. Find alignment between your vision and what the customer wants.

Break Through The Noise - According to Forbes we are now seeing up to 10,000 ads a day. You are no longer competing against other companies similar to you, you are now competing against everybody. Break through the clutter by resonating and connecting with your customers.

Is Your Website Optimized?? - Optimize your website. Statistics show that 88% of all consumers will never come back if they have one bad experience on your website.

Enjoy Your Work - Enjoy what you do, it's a process of climbing a ladder forever. Too often we are focused on our goals and forget to enjoy the process. Get up every day and enjoy the effort, enjoy the struggle, and understand that goals worth reaching take time and effort.

Actions > Distractions - Distractions impede your ability to achieve your goals. Optimize your environment, shut off all notifications, and prioritize your work!

Identify The Kryptonite In Your Life - What is getting you down and causing you stress? Embrace your emotions instead of ignoring them, deal with them so that you can move forward and avoid distraction.


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