PPI #164: How Successful People Think


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How Successful People Think // When you think about your business, career, or personal life recently, where are you winning or losing lately? Well, whether you think of the pursuit of success as a game or not, success always leaves clues. In this video, peak performance expert and coach Eric Partaker, outlines the traits of successful people and how their mindset can play a crucial role in their pursuit of greatness.


A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish - Create goals which pull you into action, that allow you to dream big. Then take those goals and break them down into attainable chunks. So that you know precisely what you should be doing to keep yourself on the path to success.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? - Create a shutdown ritual. Before you go to bed, ensure you have made a plan for the next day. Decide on three tasks you want to prioritize to get done. Then one hour before bed, shut off all electronics to maximise the melatonin which will allow you to get 8 hours of sleep.

Optimize Your Mornings! - Start your day with some exercise to build your energy levels ready for the day ahead. Don't sit on social media or read all your emails. Get up and get active!

Could Your Work Day Be More Efficient? - Divide your day into Maker vs. Manager time. Manager time perhaps in the afternoon where you attend meetings, and maker time is protected time when you work on your top three tasks which you decided on the night before.

Leap And The Net Will Appear - Gather the people, the resources and knowledge you need and believe in yourself. Take the dive. There will never be a perfect time to start your journey, figure it out along the way.

Hold Yourself Responsible - Think constantly about accountability. Accountability for yourself, and for the people you’re working with. Every time you make a promise, ensure you deliver on that commitment.

Embrace Failure - Anticipate it. When you fail, you don’t lose, you learn. The combination of winning and learning will enable you to succeed bigger, better and quicker in the future.

Perfection Is Impossible - Instead focus on progress. It is through taking action and progress that you become closer to the ideal you’re seeking. Ask yourself “What should I be doing right now that I am not? What action will get me one step closer to achieving my goals?”

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