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Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Do you wish you had the tools to overcome your fears and lead your best possible life EVERYDAY? Join Jennifer Cohen (Fitness Personality, Author and body image consultant) and Eric Partaker as they discuss tips on how you can reach your full potential and win at life!


Get Fit, Don’t Quit! - Exercise gives you energy, and increases your productivity. Exercise first thing every morning, Make it a habit! Beginning your day with exercise increases your ability to stay on track for the remainder of the day.

Happiness Consists Of Getting Enough Sleep! - A lack of sleep causes reduced cognitive abilities and poor focus. Get enough sleep. This will elevate your hormones and improve your mood.

Rejection And Failure Are The First Steps To Success - Are you afraid of rejection and failure? Block out other people’s opinions and perceptions and focus on you. Don’t give up! Every rejection or failure is a lesson learned on your journey to success.

Do It Anyway! - If you are bad at something, or it makes you uncomfortable, embrace it. The only way to overcome fears and progress is to do it over and over again until it becomes benign and comfortable.

Self Awareness Is Power - Be very aware of yourself. Take time to work out exactly what interests you and what you excel at. If you focus your work and life around that success will be the by-product!

Lead By Example - The most effective way to teach others is by showing them the fruit of your labor.

Hold Yourself Accountable - Keep track of your goals and hold yourself accountable for your mistakes. It is an important tool for building habits and progressing. If you have no data, progression becomes difficult.

Practice = Progress - To improve you must practice. Consistency and practice will take you from novice to expert.


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