PPI #145: How To Be Confident In Any Situation


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How To Be Confident In Any Situation// Do you want to know how to have more confidence? Watch this video to learn how to build self confidence, boost self esteem and overcome self doubt and insecurity to reach your full potential in life. Learning how to be more confident will give you the certainty to believe in yourself, so you can achieve your biggest dreams and most ambitious goals.


Control Your Emotions! - Pause between a trigger and your response so that you can choose the optimal most courageous response.

What’s Your Value Proposition? - You are unique, you have special strengths, gifts and abilities. Sit down and write out what those are. What makes you special?

Eliminate Self Doubt - Visualize at the start of a day what are the various things that could go wrong? How might your day not go to plan? Picture yourself at your most courageous and visualize how that version of you would respond.

Stress Is A Superpower - To achieve our strongest self physically, we must stress ourselves. Anticipate stress, embrace it and seek it as a way to build your strength.

Practice, Practice, Practice - The best way to become more confident is by practicing. Go ahead, make mistakes and learn from them.

Act As If You Are Confident - Acting as if you are in the state that you want to be will make you enter that state and work through your struggles in a confident way.

Face The Wolves - Walking into discomfort allows us to grow and progress into a confident person. Do the activities that require confidence in order to build it.

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