Tools for coping with farm stress | Ep. 33


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Taranaki dairy farmer Kane Brisco nearly walked away from farming, worn down by the constant physical and mental strains of the job. But at his lowest, he started figuring out practical ways to cope with stress and recharge his passion for life on the land. In this episode, Kane shares the tools he’s developed – ranging from breathwork to boxing – to operate at his best.
Farm Fit NZ
DairyNZ wellbeing webpages
1:00 - Kane's background and how he ended up in dairy farming
4:04 - Keeping in top shape and helping other farmers do the same
5:54 - Getting through some challenging years
6:42 - Journey to getting fit again
9:15 - Mental health challenges within the dairy sector
13:14 - New book ‘Tools for the top paddock’
16:02 - Kane’s tools for dealing with the strains of farming
21:10 - Balancing family and farming
23:52 – What happens at FarmFit training sessions?
27:08 – Kane’s cold water trough therapy
27:56 - Staying connected with the right people, right places
29:22 - Tricky conversations – talking with a someone who’s struggling
31:27 - Advice for those going through hard times right now
32:53 – How to contact Kane, join FarmFit, and where to find his book

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