Young farm manager’s winning approach | Ep. 32


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With entries for the 2023 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards about to open, we catch up with one of this year’s winners, north Waikato farmer Jimmy Cleaver. He took away the regional trophy for Auckland/Hauraki Farm Manager of the Year, as well as a stack of regional and national merit awards, including the DairyNZ People & Leadership Award. So, what makes the 23-year-old such a standout so early in his career? Why is managing people – and giving others a chance to get ahead in dairy farming – so high on his list of life goals? And what are his ambitions personally and for the sector? Find out in this episode.
Jimmy Cleaver’s 2022 NZDIA awards include the Auckland/Hauraki Farm Manager of the Year and these merit awards:
- DeLaval Livestock Management Award
- Fonterra Dairy Management Award
- Franklin Vets Pasture & Feed Management Award
- BlackmanSpargo Rural Law Ltd People & Leadership Award
- LIC Interview Award
- DairyNZ - People & Leadership Award
Find out more about the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards
DairyNZ’s people resources
1:29 - Growing up on a drystock farm and switching focus to dairying
2:24 – Studying before stepping onto the farm
3:27 – Jimmy’s first couple of years in dairying
5:39 – Jimmy’s current role and what he finds most satisfying about it
7:11 – The experience of entering the NZ Dairy Industry Awards
7:58 – Learning from the awards process to be a better farmer
8:49 – Managing people on farm
10:18 - Benefits of good leadership and people management
10:49 - Getting yourself – and your team – through tough times
13:25 – Achieving farm production and empty rate records
15:24 – Making improvements across the dairy sector
17:19 – Jimmy’s goals for the future
19:35 - Advice to anyone weighing up a career in dairying

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