"On Some Snake Sh*t" + Doja Cat vs Noah Schnapp, Tyrese Gibson, Driving The Hate Train, & Playful Jokes That Lead To Therapy


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This week your girls discuss the absolute hilarity of the Doja Cat, Noah Schnapp, Joseph Quinn scenario. Why she is in the wrong, and how she could have played it in her favor. (00:14-7:42), Tyrese gives us a reason to keep our childhood crush on him hidden once again with a sprinkle of Kelsey's unhealthy obsession with the Fast & the Furious franchise (7:49-15:56) Why sometimes it is best to stay out of your friend's lovers quarrel especially when they will be back with them in 2 hrs (15:58-25:29), and finally, we end with how some parents "playful jokes" will land you in therapy (25:30-38:51).
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