"The Assumption of Men"+ Uber, Stranger Things, Radio Shack Twitter, Hocus Pocus 2, Usher + Tiny Desk


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This week your faves kick off the episode sharing stories from UberPools past in preparation of Uber starting them up again and there may or may not be special surprise for our listeners (0:00-5:05), all things Stranger Things Volume 1 and our predictions for the finale two episodes of season 4 (5:12-21:16), the Usher Tiny Desk concert we desperately needed that leads into an interesting discussion on baby daddy’s (21:23- 30:43) our thoughts on the Hocus Pocus 2 sequel and assigning which sister we identify with the most (30:44-37:32), a TikTok video that once again has us questioning if men are okay and the power of ghosting (37:38- 50:31) before ending the episode with The unhinged behavior of whoever is running Radio Shack’s Twitter account (50:34-53:36)
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