Episode 14: The Importance of Video Content in Recruiting with Brian Forrester


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In this episode, Chris talks with Brian Forrester about the importance of adding video to your content strategy. They discuss the benefits of video and how Brian's company Lumina is transforming the recruiting industry with video.
Mr. Forrester is a subject matter expert on philanthropy, healthcare and higher education. In addition to serving as Chief Executive Officer for multiple venture-backed startups, Mr. Forrester has provided leadership to Oregon’s innovation ecosystem as President of the Young Entrepreneurs Society, a program acquired by the Oregon Entrepreneur's Network (OEN).
As a result of his work Mr. Forrester has been profiled in the Oregonian, GeekWire, Portland Tribune, YahooNews, Portland Mercury, DigitalTrends, Oregon Business Magazine, interviewed by TechCrunch and featured several times on the cover of the Portland Business Journal. He is a Senior Fellow with the American Leadership Forum, has guest lectured at over a dozen universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Washington and University of Sydney. Mr. Forrester graduated cum laude from Portland State University and was celebrated as one of Portland's "40 Under 40" in 2020.

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