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Have you been impacted by depression?

More of us have than you may think. ✋🏼

Even people as articulate and poetic as @adam_roa, deal with it. You're not alone in this, but luckily, there are tools to make life better.

Adam's key to healing is self-love, and he went IN on it. Check out this episode of Spiritual Hustlers Podcast to deep dive into healing, self-love, battling depression and coming out a stronger person.

@ink_pray_love and Adam get to drop in and touch on real subjects in a relatable and inclusive way.

Bonus treat at the end: Adam drops fire with his viral poem "You Are What You've Been Looking For." Don't miss it!

03:28 - 06:11: How would Adam tell Aren to choose love 5, 6 years ago?

07:01 - 10:47: Adam's advice for people dealing with depression

11:49 - 15:13: Sharing openly about Depression

16:24 - 18:49: Difference between being alone and being by yourself

19:20 - 21:37: Practical tips for Self-Love

25:20 - 27:23: Intention plus Action quals Ceremony

27:45 - 28:53: What does Spirituality mean to Adam?

29:28 - 33:00: How Spirituality helps Adam in Business?

33:26 - 36:11: Adam's higher mission - Creativity

36:32 - 39:10: The CREATE Community

43:04 - 48:29: Adam's closing message, viral poem

Connect with Adam:

www.adamroa.com www.thecreatecommunity.com

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