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Earl Granville, Noah Currier, and Jonathan Lopez of Oscar Mike and Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), author Alex Banayan, and Bai founder Ben Weiss are today’s experts for us to overcome all the different obstacles life throws at us..

Ben Weiss: You've got to be willing to take the path. For me, there's no shortcut. At the end of the day, you can't fail by working hard, you know, because your failures are still if you if they're rooted in hard work, somehow you lean on them, and then–

Joe De Sena: You find a way out.

Ben: Yeah, you’ll find success because there’s…

Joe: You might find a door on the wall.

Ben: Yes!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

- Find the grit, and the right people, to help you overcome obstacles - Practice and prepare for adversity - Finding “the third door” that no one knows about to get where you want - Going up against the tide in an already dominated industry, growing and navigating the infrastructure to stay relevant

If you want to watch the full episodes:

Three wounded Veterans want you to be unstoppable - Spartan Up Interview - https://youtu.be/tS2tukmRKMY

There is always a way in through the third door | Alex Banayan - https://youtu.be/WUGED4UAHtg

152. Ben Weiss | Why should you unbelieve? - https://youtu.be/bo41sGjW-_w


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