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Join the Phillip, Amanda, and Katana as they discuss:
 The new philanthropy.
 How to prepare the next generation.
 Why legacy begins in the heart.
Phillip Fisher is the Founder of Mission Throttle. The firm leads culture change to accelerate the evolution of philanthropy. As a capitalist and philanthropist, he is leading sustainable strategies to connect, collaborate and deploy effective market-driven solutions to accelerate community capital, human resources and impact.
Mr. Fisher’s experiences span both for-impact and for-profit organizations. He is a community advocate for social change and is Chairman of The Fisher Group, Chair Emeritus of the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He and his wife Lauren are the parents of five incredible children and 2 grandchildren.
Amanda Fisher is an avid Detroit philanthropist and Residential Realtor at Max Broock Birmingham. Born and raised in the metro Detroit area, Amanda has an unwavering passion for helping families living in our Southeastern Michigan community.
After graduating from the University of Michigan with a specialized degree in marketing and communications, Amanda founded the public relations and event production company, Amanda Fisher Productions (AFP). AFP’s mission was to assist for-impact organizations or companies with their philanthropic goals, such as the American Cancer Society, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, Detroit Police Athletic League, and Gleaners Community Food Bank.
Amanda’s numerous philanthropic passions include leadership roles for organizations such as proud Board member of City Year Detroit, work with Child Safe, Starfish Family Services, and the Council of Michigan Foundations.
Amanda is a Trustee of the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation where she also serves on committees for Impact Investing, Early Childhood Development and as Chair of the Legacy Impact Area. Amanda’s growing social justice interests, as well as her growing professional success, continue to be fueled by her mission to help Detroit families succeed now and for many generations to come.
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