34. Encouraging Young People To Take Risks With Charlene Vaughan From Skillsroad


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Skillsroad is an Australian organisation that provides the tools for young people to transition successfully from school to their career. Charlene Vaughan is the incredible woman responsible for heading up their programs.

In this episode we discuss:

→ The many career pathways that Charlene has travelled down to get to where she is.

→ How her cultural upbringing influenced her career choices.

→ Her observations around young people not being willing to take risks.

→ The need for schools and parents to pass on the message that a young person simply needs to try different jobs.

→ Working hard and whether we need to re-define what that means.

→ The difference that working in a job you are passionate about can make.

→ The conversations we need to have with employers on how to be 'youth ready'.

To find out more about Skillsroad, visit their website. They have recently released their 2021/22 Employment Survey Report. Download it from their website to find out more about what's going on in the mind of young job-seekers.

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