#067 - Hospitality Meets Anthony Raffo - The Head Chef and Foraging Maestro


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In the 2nd of our episodes this week, we chat to another of London's brightest talents, Anthony Raffo - Head Chef at Anglo (https://anglorestaurant.com) and Foraging and Fermenting maestro.

We get through so much including school, choosing cooking over hairdressing, breakfast - the most important meal, learning (Or not) from the old school, the influence of mum, supporting your local butcher, finding your creative space, being on Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares (sort of), adapting to Michelin starred cooking, eating snow, Auberge Du Lac, working with the other half, eating with your eyes, foraging, Tattoo’s, The pattern of life, getting hands on with renovation, smoking the restaurant out, the creative process and so much more.

Anthony is at the top of his game and has definitely found somewhere that plays to his strengths. Another restaurant we recommend highly so get yourself booked in as soon as you can.


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