#066 - Hospitality Meets Robbie Lorraine - The Fine Dining Founder


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In the week where Hospitality began it's reopening journey, we bring you the first of 2 chats this week.

We chat to Robbie Lorraine, Founder and Executive Chef at Only Food & Courses (https://www.onlyfoodandcourses.co.uk), serving up some of the most innovative food in London.

We get through loads including snow, Only food & Courses, only fools & horses, First restaurant memory, family food memories, rock cake school hustles, GNVQs, Getting a start with Aramark, moving to fine dining, Directors dinners, The competition circuit, working 3 jobs, David Beckham of the kitchen world, discipline, event catering, creating food experiences, airport food, always forward never back, launching in a lockdown, vegetables in deserts, The future, London Kitchen Social, Networking and so much more.

Robbie is at the top of his game and we cannot wait to get down to Pop Brixton to get all over that tasting menu.


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