11/04/20 - Show #557: "Browns Postgame - Chargers Pregame"


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Show Topics:

Segment #1: Brief thoughts on Raiders loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Our podcast last week wasn't published due to a power failure caused by Hurricane Zeta. Without power for four days, we weren't able to get the show out. Raider Greg give a few thoughts on that game to start this show.
Segment #2: Raiders at Browns Postgame Recap
The Raiders defeated the Browns as well as the weather and time zone change in Cleveland last Sunday. Raider Greg recaps. We also hear thoughts from Rich Gannon on the game.
Segment #3: Raiders at Chargers Pregame
Thoughts going into this week's game in Los Angeles, the Raiders first time playing in SoFi Stadium.
Segment #4: Raider Nation “Boneline” Call-in Segment
The first four calls this week were originally meant for the Bucs postgame show, which never aired, due to the hurricane. The last 5 calls came in after the Browns game.
01. Raider Chris from Scranton
02. The Bluegrass Raider
03. Ruben from North Carolina
04. The Raider Warrior from Iowa
05. Jersey Boy Raider
06. Casual Carmelo
07. Raider Malik from Tucson
08. B-Town Raider from Bakersfield
09. The Prez
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Music credit: Back in Black by ACDC; Raider Nation by Ice Cube: Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood; The Raiders by Sam Spence.

Running time: 1:06:56

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