3 Promising Ways to Overcome Perfectionism (part 2)


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Click HERE for Marketing & Mindset Mastery I have a fantastic way to break free from perfectionistic thoughts, or those pesky thoughts that what you're doing is not quite good enough. Tune in to episode 63 and learn the 3 steps you can take to free yourself from perfectionism. Even if you don’t identify as a perfectionist, you might be surprised to discover that some of your habits (that are holding you back in business and life) come from perfectionism. Habits such as procrastination and feeling like your life and farm circumstances are holding you back. Listen to episode 63 now to learn:
  • How the survival mechanism in your brain might be holding you back (without you even realizing it)
  • What’s really behind your feelings of “not enough”
  • How to use curiosity to stop procrastinating and start taking the action that will help your business thrive
  • The steps you can take today to change any habit (you’ll be amazed at how simple this can be)
Plus, I’m sharing my top coaching advice for what it really takes to build a profitable farm (and it has nothing to do with being perfect or getting it “just right”)! Listen to episode 63 now! Warmly, Charlotte

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